October 19th, 2016

I would like to start off this review by giving a quick thanks to Keith Boschetti and Boschett Timepieces for giving me the opportunity to get one of the first glimpses of their brand new Reef Ranger 2 Prototype.  I am honored and thrilled about it, and am also very excited about this watch and will explain why in this review.  Also please be sure to check out my photography and quick HD video of this piece at the end.

First, a quick flashback to June of last year.  Being subscribed toBoschett on Facebook, I get to see all of the latest things that they share there.  Well, about mid June is when we all got a first look at some new movements that Keith was very excited about (and rightfully so).  Well, this movement, pictured below, happens to be a Top Grade Swiss Made Sellita SW200 movement, decorated with Boschett’s insignia.  This is also when he announced that this will be the movement used in the production release of the brand new, redesigned Reef Ranger 2 seen in this review.

Boschett Decorated Top Grade Sellita SW200 Movement

The Movement

For those who don’t know, the Sellita SW200 movement is basically an ETA 2824-2 clone (with some subtle differences).  So this movement above, is not only a Swiss Made movement, but a Top Grade one at that.  Which means that it is decorated as you can see, but more importantly, is adjusted to near perfection in terms of accuracy (average of +/- 4 seconds a day).  The only higher rating would be COSC certified.  So this is some real high end luxury, folks.. Which brings me into my main focus of the review.

What Boschett has done here, is they’ve taken the original Reef Ranger, and infused it with a heavy dose of luxury and class.  So not only is this a functional tool for diving, but it can now be considered a high end luxury watch, for what is presumed to be a mere fraction of what you’d expect to pay for your typical high end dive watches.

The Design and Construction

I am absolutely in love with the design of the new Reef Ranger.  Boschett never ceases to amaze me with their ability to produce such a restrained and simple design while maintaining a touch of uniqueness and edginess.  Like I always say, it is not an easy thing to design a dive watch because there are so many necessary parts that must be included to make a functional dive watch, so you need to design around that.  Well Keith and Boschett has done it again.

Early into my tenure as a design student at Platt College San Diego, I had a tendency to overdesign things.  My instructor at the time always told me “K.I.S.S.” which meant, bluntly, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  This is one of the best and easiest lessons to remember.

So in the case of the new Reef Ranger, it is the subtle design notes that come together to make an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful watch.  I’d like to start with the bezel, and a quote from my good friend Mark “MT” Tiner when referring to the Boschett Harpoon.  ”They have a way with bezels.” I couldn’t agree more.  With every single watch that Boschett has put out thus far, it is always the bezel that first catches my eye, and the Reef Ranger 2 is no exception.  I absolutely love the natural brushed stainless steel bezel with the etched in black numerals and markers and the finely machined notches surrounding it (one of the new design touches of the Reef Ranger 2).
The bezel also has a very tight and secure ratchet to it. When you turn this bezel, you know you are handling a very high end dive watch. It has a very satisfying feel to it and produces a great sound as it rotates.

The stainless steel bezel beautifully complements the gleaming blue sun ray dial.  Per Keith Boschetti, this watch will initially be released with blue and black dials.  I presume the black dial will also have a sun ray pattern.  I absolutely am giddy over this dial color.  The sun ray effect is just beautiful.  I also love the hands and hour markers, they give the whole dial a beautiful touch of luxury with their reflective high polished finishes.

The bracelet design is great, very heavy duty with screwed in links. It is a standard oyster style bracelet, but wonderfully crafted and has a great heavy, solid feel to it when in hand.
One key feature, much like the Boschett Harpoon and the Cave Dweller is the use of the ratchetingclasp. Very practical for divers for use as a easily accessible, no fuss wet suit extension. It can also be used to micro adjust the size as your wrist expands throughout the day, but you should be able to get the perfect fit in general just via the standard micro adjustments and link adjustments.
Another great addition to the clasp is the beautifully applied pearlage decoration. It just enhances the overall look of the watch and adds greatly to the luxury aesthetic that this new Reef Ranger is carrying.

The case is a very nice shape. I love the smaller case size for this watch, at 42mm, it is just the perfect size for a dressier, luxury dive watch. It sits beautifully on the wrist, and can slide right under your cuff when you are on the job or at a dressy event.

The exhibition case back is going to be a key feature here because, as stated earlier, this watch is going to be proudly featuring a Top Grade Sellita SW200 movement, decorated with Boschett’s “B” logo on the rotor. This exhibition back, in my opinion, takes the whole watch full circle back to my original point, stressing that Boschett went the whole nine yards in creating a classy, luxurious piece to add to their line of heavy duty dive watches.

The last thing I want to speak about is the luminescence. Under a brief charge in the sunlight, the watch has a very impressive blue luminescence in the hour markers, hands, and the lume pip at the 12 o’clock position. You can never get enough blue “lume”, and this certainly has it! See the last photo in the gallery below.

So to sum things up, as you can tell by now, I am very excited about this watch, and so thrilled to have had the chance to review the prototype. What’s even more impressive, is that it will only get better! If the prototype is this amazing, I can’t imagine how awesome it will be once the Top Grade SW200 is mounted and everything else is fine tuned as the production pieces roll out. If you already own a collection of Boschett timepieces, including the original Reef Ranger, you’re going to want to make room for this beauty, because owning the high end luxurious model is an absolute must.  If you are new to Boschett Timepieces, well this certainly is an amazing way to start.

Available Spring 2013.


  • Movement = Top Grade Sellita SW-200 with Boschett signed rotor
  • 316L surgical grade SS
  • 300m water resistant
  • Sapphire crystals – front and back
  • Screw-down crown and caseback
  • Solid end link bracelet with screws
  • Superluminova treated hands and applied markers
  • Dimensions: Case – 42mm w/o crown, Height – 12.65mm, Bracelet – 22mm wide, Lug-to-lug – 50mm
  • Available with black and blue dials

For more information as it arises, subscribe to Boschett on Facebook and check out their website at http://www.boschett-timepieces.com/.  I hope you enjoyed the review and thank you for reading.


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